My teaching contributions for 2014


Contribution to formal teaching:

Course details Contribution
School of Ed: PGCE Foudation Phase special Studies module Presented a workshop and provided online support for creating digital video projects
Emerging Technologies course in PGDip ICTS in Education programme Teaching assistant to Dick N’Gambi, taught a session on using backchannels in the classroom
BUS4074S e-Marketing course in PGDip Marketing and Management Programme Guest lecture on ePortfolios, screencasts on Vula for setting up an ePortfolio using WordPress
CSC3002F Professional Communication in Computer Science Guest lecture on writing academic articles (example of laptop research as the class had to engage in technology-related topics) and feedback on group presentations with Claudia Kalil

Contribution to non-formal teaching:

CHECET Emerging Technologies course Assisted with facilitating a 6-week Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC) development course for lecturers across HEIs.
Why ePortfolios in your course for 2015? Presented a CILT Teaching with Technology Seminar
ePortfolios for Educators. Workshop presented at the EdTech Summit South Africa. Cape Town, 11 August. Workshop presented to school teachers. Details here and here.
“The inmates are running the asylum: Why social media is driving us crazy and how to stay sane” CHED Seminar presented at UCT, 1 August. CHED seminar co-presented with Laura Czerniewicz. Details here.
Developing your ePortfolio Presentation for NAPP participants at Mont Fleur.

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