Digital storytelling workshop

In June 2014 I coordinated a Teaching with Technology workshop with fellow colleagues. It was entitled “Digital Storytelling: Using Video to Create your
own Personal-Professional Narrative”. We marketed it to staff as follows:

You will be supported to create your own digital story (a personal-professional narrative using video, images, music, voice, etc), and in the process, learn a range of skills. This workshop will explore the key elements of digital storytelling and include training in easy-to-use video editing software. You will also learn how to use copyrighted material appropriately and to find creative commons resources. Creating a personal-professional narrative for your teaching portfolio, staff webpage or blog will assist you in considering the opportunities for using digital video as a tool for learning and teaching.

I enjoyed applying the skills I learnt on the Facilitating Online course to my interaction with workshop participants on the Vula site. I also had the chance to experiment with the Lessons tool in Vula (Sakai) to embed videos and add links to resources in a more structured way. I also learn quite a bit about blended and online learning informally through MOOCs that I participate in. Here are some screenshots from the site:

dst screenshot 1

dst screenshot 2

dst screenshot 3