Social Network Analysis with Marc Smith

On 19 November 2014 Marc Smith gave a public lecture on Social Network Analysis (SNA) at UCT. Afterwards he lead a workshop featuring short presentations by UCT NodeXL users working in social network analysis and visualisation. He came to visit us all the way from Silicon Valley, California, where he works as an adjunct lecturer and is also the director of the Social Media Research Foundation. As a sociologist specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer mediated interaction, Marc helped develop NodeXL. For more info on Marc, read this interview. My notes from the lecture can be viewed here. I really enjoyed the range of examples and applications of SNA and NodeXL that he discussed. I think there is a lot of scope for marketers to use NodeXL as part of social media strategies and to better evaluate the status of brands on social media platforms such as Twitter. But there’s so much more to it, as the rest of this post explains.

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Ways to stay sane in a social media world

I co-presented an Issues at CHED seminar with our new director Associate Professor┬áLaura Czerniewicz entitled “The inmates are running the asylum: Why social media is driving us crazy and how to stay sane”. Read more about CILT’s new director here – I wrote this piece too:) Laura did the ‘why’ and I did the ‘how’ part. It was more of an interactive session where I used some of my colleagues’ work as examples and asked them to tell us more in between the talk – thanks again to Henry Trotter, Sukaina Walji and fellow CILTers who shared their stories:)