Student ePortfolios in action

authentic-assessment-ockqmkThe BUS4074S e-Marketing students are in Week 4 of their course. They are using WordPress to create their own ePortfolios before entering the real world of work next year after completing their Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing / Entrepreneurship. I thought I’d write this post to give cudos to some of the folks who are already demonstrating the value of ePortfolios. In addition to completing a range of e-tivities (see topics here), their course convener and I told students that they need to flesh it out with an informative ‘About me’ page, links to their CVs, past work experiences, projects they are proud of, community work, etc.

Tammy is doing some lovely reflections on her learning and showcasing her graphic design work on her ePortfolio. Her creative approach with her customised header is grabbing and already sets the tone, framing her as a professional. Nikki is also using her ePortfolio to showcase her creative work. Chanel’s ePortfolio is looking nice and professional too and I like that she has a page for professional development in addition to the page for the course where I presume is where she wishes to post her e-tivities or reflections on the course. Georgina and Elizabeth have done some nice work on e-tivity 1. Georgina uses quite a personal approach and we get a good sense of the kind of person she is through the information that she shares – in a lovely interactive way through videos and links to articles. James uses the widget in WordPress and I can see he has put quite a bit of thought into his design and how he wants to organise his content. There was also someone who was showcasing their community involvement on their ePortfolio which I thought was great too, but can’t seem to find at this moment to link to.

I like what I see so far – keep up the good work:)

I found this cartoon on authentic learning. I’ve chosen ePortfolios as the basis for assignments I am doing for a course I am taking called ‘Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education’ (AEHE). Here is my first assignment where I talk about validity criteria related to ePortfolios in this course and authentic learning. Feel free to comment on the Google doc – I’d really appreciate your insights:) I may be Dr Pallitt, but the learning never ends. Lifelong learning FTW!