OER showcase

Last year I created this OER (Open Educational Resource) with my colleague Rulisha Chetty.  You can find it on Open UCT here. However, you need to download it to watch the videos embedded in the PDF as they won’t show on ISSUU (click here to download PDF). Since then I have also made an infographic ‘A checklist for successful ePortfolios’. I believe that in addition to conventional academic publishing, we need to make our teaching materials and resources open, freely available and licensed through creative commons not only for our students but also for a wider, global community.

There are various strategies we can use to make our OERs more accessible and interactive. Let’s start with embedding a PDF using ISSUU. To embed a document from ISSUU in a WordPress blog go to ‘Share’, ‘Embed’ and then copy the embed code into your blog post (once you have uploaded your doc there of course). I think ISSUU appeals to me because of my background in Media Studies and I enjoy browsing through these online magazines, most of which seem to be created by freelancers or by people doing it as a hobby. Indie publishing on steroids FTW:) But the functionality allows for a range of uses, not just magazines – catalogues, CVs. etc. A similar tool is Publitas which I notice Computer Mania uses for their monthly catalogues on their website.

Here are the steps I followed. The last one is how I went to ‘Add Media’, ‘Gallery’ and then ‘Slideshow’ but you can also add a more conventional gallery with image tiles if you want to:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Feel free to share some of your strategies and examples for showcasing visuals, docs, etc. Anything creative and interactive. Embedding YouTube videos or ThingLink are also an option. ThingLink allows you to add hyperlinks within images and videos – really cool, check it out here.


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